Virus Removal

As hard as we may try there’s no avoiding the occasional cold, and that goes for your computer as well! When the inevitable happens and your computer gets an infection you can trust us to make it well again.


From home wifi to small office LANs we have your networking needs covered. Our experience with the latest commercial, outdoor and home networking equipment will have you up and running in no time.

Data Recovery

Are all those family photos stuck on that dinosaur of a computer that no longer runs? Is your company database still on the outdated hardware you’ve been trying to phase out? Don’t fret, we’ll get that data moved to a safe location.

PC Tune Up

It never seems to run as fast as the day you first brought it home, but you can get that computer back into tip top shape with our tune-up service. We’ll clean out all the junk that’s holding your computer at bay so you can get back to work or play at full throttle.

Hardware Repair

Nothing lasts forever. If it’s an accident that broke your screen or old age finally took it’s toll we can make it good as new again. Or don’t forget about upgrades if you need that extra boost.


Updates, patches, configurations, oh my! Whether it’s e-mail client configuration, software installation, or troubleshooting a crashing program, we’ve got you covered.


Operating Systems

From advanced repair tactics to reinstallation, our hands on knowledge of Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems leaves nothing that we can’t tackle.

And Much More!

Don’t see your particular need on this page? Please don’t hesitate to enquire! House calls, remote support, custom builds, blue screen errors, the list goes on and on…


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